Welcome to Yuma, AZ!

About Us

We are made up of community members and students from Cibola High School. Our Foothills Library started a public astronomy program in 2014. We hope our involvement in RECON can broaden our outreach to students. Our unique partnership between the schools, the libraries, and the parks and recreation department work together to bring science to our community in a variety of astronomy events.

Team Leads

Dorey Conway_Yuma_2 (533x800)Ken Conway_Yuma_2 (535x800)Mari Echols_Yuma_2 (532x800)
Dorey Conway                     Ken Conway                         Mari Echols

Kile Thomas_Yuma_1 (534x800)Doug Thompson_Yuma_2 (532x800)
Kile Thomas                        Doug Thompson