Little Known Facts about RECON Team Sites

While entering RECON site coordinates into my IOTA (Occult4) site database I noticed several little known (to me) facts. I thought I would share these with the rest of the RECON community:

  1.  Chiloquin, OR is the westernmost site at Longitude 121 degrees 52 minutes West
  2.  Kingman/Dolan Springs, AZ is the easternmost site at Longitude 114 degrees 08 minutes West
  3.  Oroville, WA is the northernmost site at Latitude 48 degrees 56 minutes
  4.  Yuma, AZ is the southernmost site at Latitude 32 degrees 42 minutes
  5.  Lee Vining, CA is the highest site at elevation 2060 meters (6759 feet)
  6.  Calipatria, CA is the lowest site at elevation -56 meters (-184 feet)

The RECON team network is a very widely spaced community of observation sites, spanning:

  1. an elevation difference of 2116 meters (6943 feet)
  2. a latitude difference of 16 degrees 14 minutes (or approximately 1118 miles [4/100th the distance around the Earth])
  3. a longitude difference of 7 degrees 44 minutes

Way to go RECON!

6 thoughts on “Little Known Facts about RECON Team Sites

  1. Very interesting facts that document the diversity! Such a great group to be a part of.

  2. Tony–Interesting——-I have another project that would be right up your alley. How about organizing a group of recon teams to observe the 2017 Solar Eclipse? I am planning on taking my 5th wheel somewhere near Madras Oregon. The Airport? Large parking lot? Farmers field? Etc. We need someone that knows the local area
    so we will know where to go with our RV’s rather than trying to stay in a motel that is probably mostly booked up by now——Thanks DrBuck

    • Buck,

      Trying to organize a solar eclipse observation is a daunting task, as people have differing interests in observing the event. I’m not sure yet myself where I will be going (likely near Dayville) and who in my large circle of family and friends I will be coordinating.

      Madras would be a good place to observe. I would suggest you contact one of the local RECON team representatives for good places to stay and good observing locations.

      It should be fun.

  3. I am half-way between Redmond and Bend but out of the totality range for the eclipse. Any Redmond folks with some insights on where we should all convene for the August 2017 eclipse? I am excited about it. Perhaps somewhere in John Day?

  4. Who are our Madras folks? We should plan a RECON get together in Madras (at the high school?) for the August 2017 eclipse. I will help organize it, but the key will be getting access to the school parking lot or other prime location for the eclipse.

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