2013 Apr 18 – (211) Isolda


Asteroid (211) Isolda will occult 2UCAC 38779678 on 2013 April 18 from 05:40 UT to 05:42 UT.  Local times will vary somewhat.  The star is supposed to have a magnitude of 12.2.  The J2000 star location is RA=07:07:53.1, Dec=+19:50:14.

While we are saving Pluto for our first official RECON campaign, Isolda is very nice opportunity for multiple RECON sites to map out the shape of this asteroid.  If your site is available and able to monitor this optional event, we strongly encourage you to go for it!  Just remember to register your site on OccultWatcher if you intend to observe the event. Also, don’t forget to log your observations (logsheet form).

Observation details

The senseup setting should be x12.  The maximum duration is 6.3 seconds.  All RECON sites should start recording at 05:38 UT and end at 05:44 (six minutes total).

Finder Charts (courtesy of Steve Preston and Guide)

For finder charts and a predicted ground-track of this event, visit Asteroid Occultation Updates. 

Star Hop List

Name            RA         Dec     mag  dist
Pollux       07:45:18.3 +28:01:34  1.1 11.83
Alhena       06:37:42.8 +16:23:57  1.9  7.95
44 Gem       07:05:18.4 +22:38:15  5.9  2.86
PPM 123609   07:09:08.7 +19:32:47  8.4  0.42
PPM 097084   07:08:23.0 +20:01:06  9.5  0.22
(211) Isolda 07:07:53.1 +19:50:14 12.2

All positions are J2000.

Image of field

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