2013 July 11 – (1910) Mikhailov


Asteroid (1910) Mikhailov will occult TYC 5693-00333-1 on 2013 July 11 from 7:26 UT to 7:38 UT.  Local times will vary.  The star has a reported magnitude of 11.1.  The star’s position is RA 18:51:07.5, Dec: -07:37:51, J2000.

While all RECON teams are invited to participate, we are primarily looking to obtain data from CENTRAL REGION of the RECON network, specifically Burney-Fall River, Susanville, Greenville, Quincy, Portola, Reno, Carson City, and Yerington.  This is based upon the predicted path and uncertainties associated with this asteroid event.

Source: www.asteroidoccultation.com

Source: www.asteroidoccultation.com

Observation details

The maximum duration is 2.9 seconds.  All RECON sites should start recording at 07:29:00 and run until 07:33:00 (four minutes total).  Please use a sense-up of x16.

Thank you for keeping track of your observations using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

The waxing crescent moon (9% lit, 139 degrees away) will be below the horizon during the event.

Finder Charts (courtesy of Steve Preston and Guide)

For finder charts and a predicted ground-track of this event, visit Asteroid Occultation Updates.

Star Hop List

Name              RA         Dec     mag  dist
Antares        16:29:24.4 -26:25:55  0.9 38.53
16Lam Aql      19:06:14.9 -04:52:58  3.4  4.66
Eps Sct        18:43:31.3 -08:16:31  4.9  1.99
PPM 202192     18:50:20.1 -07:54:28  6.6  0.34
PPM 202211     18:51:09.8 -07:47:56  8.9  0.17
(1910) Mikhail 18:51:07.5 -07:37:51 11.1

All positions are J2000.

Image of field

The image below shows the Mikhailov star field at a sense-up of x128.  The image was taken using a C-11 on an equatorial mount, so unfortunately the orientation will not match that of the CPC-11 alt-az mount.  We will update this file shortly with an alt-az orientation. The target star is highlighted using red tick marks.



Here is the same field taken at x64 and stretched to show the target star.


Other Resources

To upload your video files and observation logsheet, go to http://spikard.boulder.swri.edu/upload.html.


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  1. I’ll try to observe from the west side of Davis, in the south half of the shadow path. -Ted

  2. I’ll be observing this event from my observatory ~5 miles SE of Greenville.

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