2013 July 30 – (387) Aquitania


Asteroid (387) Aquitania will occult PPMX 10684191 on 2013 July 30 from 6:45 UT to 7:06 UT.  Local times will vary.  The star has a reported magnitude of 12.3.

While all RECON teams are invited to participate, we are primarily looking to obtain data from NORTHERN REGION of the RECON network, specifically Burney-Fall River, Cedarville, and Tulelake.  This is based upon the predicted path and uncertainties associated with this asteroid event.

Source: www.asteroidoccultation.com

Source: www.asteroidoccultation.com

Observation details

The maximum duration is 10.9 seconds.  All RECON sites should start recording at 06:45:00 and run until 06:49:00 (four minutes total).  For this event, we would like to try a sense-up time of x64.

The waning crescent moon (45% lit and 118 degrees away) will be below the horizon during the event.

Finder Charts (courtesy of Steve Preston and Guide)

For finder charts and a predicted ground-track of this event, visit Asteroid Occultation Updates.

Star Hop List

Name               RA         Dec     mag  dist
Antares         16:29:24.4 -26:25:55  0.9 36.97
41Pi Sgr        19:09:45.8 -21:01:26  2.9  6.58
PPM 235374      19:01:33.5 -15:16:58  6.5  0.54
PPM 235330      18:59:52.2 -14:40:26  9.4  0.19
(387)Aquitania  19:00:11.9 -14:51:00 12.3

All positions are J2000.

Image of field

Below is an image of the field taken from San Luis Obispo earlier this month at a sense-up of x128.  The camera was on an equatorial mount so the rotation of the field will likely be different.  The target star is at the corner between the two red lines.  The image was taken with a diagonal mirror.


Additionally, we have rotated the image 90 degrees here to correlated with the AAVSO starchart below.



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