2014 July 16 UT – (240) Vanadis (OPTIONAL)

Event Details

Object: Asteroid (240) Vanadis
Event Date: 2014 July 16 UT (Tuesday, July 15 Pacific)
Observation Window: 06:38 – 06:41 UT (23:38 – 23:41 PDT)

Sense-Up: x16 or x32 depending on conditions
RA: 18 56 58.4539, J2000
DEC: -22 19 14.861

Star Magnitude: 13.5
Combined Magnitude: 12.4-12.6
Magnitude Drop: 0.6
Star Altitude: 31 degrees South

Moon Phase: waning gibbous
Moon Distance: 64 degrees


While an unofficial RECON campaign, predictions for this event are well suited for the northern portion of the RECON network.  We encourage all who are interested to participate in this event.  In advance of this event, please sign up for the event on OccultWatcher.  Also, be sure to charge the power supply for the telescope and camera and charge your netbook. Because it takes the Mallincam time to stabilize after changing sense-up settings, observers should be on the field and change the recording sense-up value by 06:23 UT (11:33 PM PDT). Thank you for keeping track of your observations using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Star Hop List

Not available at this time.

Finder Charts

For finder charts and a predicted ground-track of this event, visit Asteroid Occultation Updates.  Additional charts are available on the Quincy RECON Google+ Page.  The following chart was generated by Charley Arrowsmith in Quincy using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter:

Star chart provided by Charley Arrowsmith from Quincy.

Star chart provided by Charley Arrowsmith from Quincy.

Images of Star Field

Images provided by RECON team members are welcome

Uploading data To upload your video files and observation logsheet, go to http://spikard.boulder.swri.edu/upload.html.

Event Log

Following the event, please let us know how it went using the form below!  Thanks!!!  To view survey responses, view the Results Page here.