2014 October 21 UT – (225) Henrietta (OPTIONAL)

Event Details

Event Date: 2014 October 21 UT (Monday, October 20 Pacific)
Observation Window: 04:21 – 04:23 UT (21:21 – 21:23 PDT)

Sense-Up: x8 or x16 (depending upon conditions)
RA: 01:45:13.2128 (J2000)
DEC: +05:09:46.935
Star Magnitude: 11.3
Magnitude Drop: 1.9

Star Altitude: ~32 degrees
Moon Phase: waning crescent
Moon Distance: below horizon


This optional event represents an EXCELLENT opportunity for all RECON members to refresh your occultation skills and to witness an actual occultation.  The shadow path of Henrietta travels from north to south, and almost all RECON communities are perfectly positioned within 1-sigma uncertainty (Tonopah and Tulelake are just outside the 1-sigma uncertainty). There will be a great opportunity for RECON to get a full profile of the asteroid. If you plan to observe this event, please sign up using Occult Watcher.

Predicted shadow path for Henrietta

Predicted shadow path for Henrietta

Note that this event is an optional RECON event because our main research goal is to measure TNOs, and the November 15 occultation by 2007 UK126 represents a great opportunity to demonstrate the networks ability to achieve this goal.  However, like with many main belt asteroids, Henrietta represents a great opportunity for practice and to witness more occultations.

Thank you for keeping track of your observations using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Star Hop List

Not available

 Finder Charts

The following charts were generate using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter:

Finder chart for (225) Henrietta

Finder chart for (225) Henrietta

Images of Star Field

To be contributed to RECON team members

Uploading data

To upload your video files and observation logsheet, go to http://spikard.boulder.swri.edu/upload.html.

Event Log

Following the event, please let us know how it went using the form below. To view survey responses, view the Results Page here.