2015 April 19 UT – (382004) 10RM64

Event Details

Object: (382004) 10RM64
Geocentric closest approach: 2015/04/19 04:38:37 UTC

Star Magnitude: 14.5
Sense-Up: x128
J2000 position of star is 06:53:58.8 +20:42:57
Equinox of date position of star is 06:54:53.3 +20:41:45

Download RECON Event Summary for observation times and additional details.


This appulse event involves a Centaur.  Although Pasco is north of the predicted shadow path, this event provides an excellent practice event for our Northern RECON Training Workshop.

Either before or after the event, you should make a short recording of your position information using the switch on the front of the IOTA-VTI box.  Adjust the switch to POSITION, record the screen showing your latitude/longitude for 3-5 seconds, and then adjust the switch back to TIME.

Thank you for keeping track of your observations using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Star Training Set

Star training set for 382004, (2015/04/19 04:39UT)
Object            RA         Dec     mag  sep  mel
Pollux         07:46:15.0 +27:59:17  1.1 13.77  79
Alhena         06:38:35.7 +16:23:06  1.9  5.79  65
36 Gem         06:52:28.0 +21:44:30  5.3  1.19  68
PPM 096714     06:55:16.1 +21:08:26  7.8  0.45  68
PPM 096693     06:54:36.9 +20:51:15  8.9  0.17  68
382004         06:54:53.3 +20:41:45 14.5        68
Positions are for equinox of date

Finder Charts

The following chart was generated using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter.  Note that we have changed the orientation of the map so that it will match what you will see using the MallinCAM connected to the telescope with a diagonal. For the remainder of the project, we intend to provide star charts using this orientation.

Star chart for (382004) 10RM64

Star chart for (382004) 10RM64

Images of Star Field

Sample star field Images from RECON teams to be uploaded.

Star field for (382004) 10RM64 taken by Bill Gimple at x128

Star field for (382004) 10RM64 taken by Bill Gimple at x128

Uploading data

To upload your video files and observation logsheet, go to http://spikard.boulder.swri.edu/upload.html.

Event Log

Following the event, please complete a RECON Event Report.