2017 October 21 – (772) Tanete (OPTIONAL)

Star Training Set

Star training set for 772 Tanete (2017/10/21 06:48UT)

Object                       RA                Dec               mag        sep

Beta Aur                   06:00:50       +44:56:37        1.9

HIP 27673                05:52:43       +39:08:55        4.0        6.0

HIP 28946                06:07:48       +38:28:35        5.4        3.0

HIP 34103                07:05:29       +37:32:00        6.6      11.4

TYC 2450:1432        07:11:45       +36:01:20        8.9        2.0

Tanete                      07:12:22       +36:00:17      10.1        0.1

Event Details

Below are details on an optional occultation opportunity that is available to all RECON teams prior to our team meeting in Sunriver Oregon.  This main belt asteroid is of particular interest to RECON team member Red Sumner in Carson City, who recorded peculiar data during an occultation event back in 2004.  In total, 35 RECON communities are in the 1-sigma shadow path, we recommend this optional campaign to all teams as great practice in advance of our team meeting.  Note that the information below is not the standard TNO information because this is a main belt event predicted using IOTA tools.

Date: 21 October 2017 at 06:50 UT
Recording Window: 06:48-06:52 UT
Sense-up: 2x-4x (make sure you can see at least one comparison star)
IOTA Details: http://asteroidoccultation.com/2017_10/1021_772_51794.htm

Occultation prediction map for (772) Tanete from www.asteroidoccultation.com

Star Training Set

Star training set for 772 Tanete (2017/10/21 06:48UT)

Object RA Dec mag sep
Beta Aur 06:00:50 +44:56:37 1.9
HIP 27673 05:52:43 +39:08:55 4.0 6.0
HIP 28946 06:07:48 +38:28:35 5.4 3.0
HIP 34103 07:05:29 +37:32:00 6.6 11.4
TYC 2450:1432 07:11:45 +36:01:20 8.9 2.0
Tanete 07:12:22 +36:00:17 10.1 0.1

Pre-Event Checklist

  1. Complete the RECON Campaign Signup Form for this event. Submissions are updated hourly on our Signup Status Page.
  2. Plug in your power supply and RECON laptop to make sure both are fully charged well in advance of the event.
  3. Print this page as well as the Event Detail Page above and practice finding field prior to event.

Feel free to contact the RECON leadership team anytime by emailing tnorecon-org@mailman.boulder.swri.edu.

Observation Protocol

See our Full Campaign Observation Protocol Page for details on files to save:

  1. Position Video
  2. Event Video
  3. Sky Field Video
  4. Dark Field Video

You should configure VirtualDub to save files sequentially by using “Set Capture File” to save as C:/Users/RECON/Data/YYYYMMDD/YYYYMMDD_01. You should record the filenames and information about each file using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Finder Charts

Starchart for (772) Tanete provided by Jerry Bardecker

Image of Starfield

Post-Event Details

If you participate in this optional event, we request that you Report Your Observations. This includes completing the Campaign Observation Report Form (below), saving an electronic version of your log sheet, and uploading both videos and observation log to SwRI in Boulder.

We need all teams to complete the RECON Campaign Observation Report Form within one week of the event. To view reports from teams from throughout the network, check out the Event Reporting Status Page.