2018 November 25 UT – 13UL15

Event Details

For all event details (including sense-up) visit: RECON Event Detail Page for 13UL15


We wanted to provide the following observational reminders:

  1. Be sure to use the focal reducer with your camera.  This is the 1-1/4″ adapter with glass lenses on either end used to connect the camera to the telescope that increases the field of view of our system. Do NOT use the adapter that does not have class at either end, as this does not provide any focal reduction making it extremely difficult to find the starfield.
  2.  Be sure to set your IOTA-VTI on FULLSCREEN mode.
  3.  Remember to save your data files with 20181125_  prefix in a folder labeled 20181125.  See Observation Protocol below.

Pre-Event Checklist

  1. Complete the RECON Campaign Signup Form for this event. Submissions are updated hourly on our Signup Status Page.
  2. Plug in your power supply and RECON laptop to make sure both are fully charged well in advance of the event.
  3. Print this page as well as the Event Detail Page above and practice finding field prior to event.
  4. Be sure to practice on the target star field prior to the event!

Feel free to contact the RECON leadership team anytime by emailing tnorecon-org@mailman.boulder.swri.edu.

Observation Protocol

See our Full Campaign Observation Protocol Page for details on files to save:

  1. Position Video
  2. Event Video
  3. Sky Field Video
  4. Dark Field Video

You should configure VirtualDub to save files sequentially by using “Set Capture File” to save as C:/Users/RECON/Data/YYYYMMDD/YYYYMMDD_01. You should record the filenames and information about each file using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Finder Charts

Image of Star Field

Starfield image provided by Bill Gimple

Post-Event Details

Regardless of whether your team was able to collect data, we need you to Report Your Observations. This includes completing the Campaign Observation Report Form (below), saving an electronic version of your log sheet, and uploading both videos and observation log to SwRI in Boulder.

We need all teams to complete the RECON Campaign Observation Report Form within one week of the event. To view reports from teams from throughout the network, check out the Event Reporting Status Page.