Occultation Opportunity by Red Sumner, RECON-Carson

On 2013 April 18 between 0540 and 0542 UT ( Wednesday 17 April from 10:40p to 10:42p PDST ) the main belt asteroid 211 Isolda will occult a mag 12.2 star in Gemini for much of the RECON network. This is not an official RECON observation but is a great opportunity to practice what was learned at the workshop.
All sites north of Carson City except Reno and Quincy are in the predicted path of this event. Reno is 1.7 km and Quincy 3.3 km south of the predicted southern edge. A word about PREDICTED; if the orbit, asteroid size and orientation, and star position were all precisely known the path could be computed precisely. All of these parameters have room for error so there is the possibility of a shift from the predicted path. Sites inside the predicted northern limit could move outside or further inside; sites outside the predicted southern limit could move further outside or inside.  
What about the rest of us? Should Isolda have a satellite and it passed over a site they would record this satellite event; a possibility with a very low probability. 
The star charts attached below are to help you center the target star and are orientated as seen through your telescope with the RA & DEC on each chart. Stars to mag 14 are plotted; fainter than you are likely to see. Different locations will see the occultation at slightly different times but 10:40p to 10:42p will cover all the network. The 1st quarter moon 9 degrees away will add interest. 
I have tried to include all necessary info and to leave out many unnecessary details. As with many observation we will know much more after the event. Good luck.
Red  Sumner  
Star-Charts  60 min 30 min 18.5 min