Netbook Battery Power Fix: Update Driver

Some of the netbooks sent out to various sites have encountered a driver error which causes the system to turn off the hard drive when operating on battery power. Symptoms of this issue include slow responsiveness and “blue screen” crashes when using the netbook on batter power. This guide is a step-by-step process to rectify this error.

Although not all the netbooks have encountered this error, we recommend that all of our teams go through with the update anyway.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the netbook is connected to an A/C power source before proceeding with these instructions.

1. Download the driver here:

2. Extract the zip file by right clicking and choosing “extract files”

3. In the folder that is created by the extracting process, run the application setup.exe.  If prompted, confirm that you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer system.

4. Click Next until setup is complete, do not change any settings.

5. Select the restart option in the setup window when prompted.

6. Wait for Windows to restart. This may take a minute or two if your netbook has not experienced any problems, but machines with the issue may take several hours to clean up any disk corruptions. Be patient!

7. Windows will detect and install the new drivers for the laptop’s hard
drive and prompt you to restart again. Patience may again be required at this step.

8. Done! The hard drive should no longer exhibit halting behavior when
the netbook is removed from A/C power.

(it is now safe to delete the .zip file and the extracted folder, if you

Please let us know if you have any trouble with these instructions.