RECON Podcasts

We’re excited to announce our series of podcasts! Check out our first episode available on SoundCloud below! In this week’s podcast, Marc Buie describes his current work in preparation for summer occultation campaigns for the New Horizons mission, shares a Venus viewing opportunity, provides tips on timing and sense-up, and previews the April RECON event.

The podcast can be accessed using any browser and no downloads are needed to hear it.¬†Podcasts are now available on itunes¬†and can be found by clicking on the previous link or searching “tnorecon”!

One thought on “RECON Podcasts

  1. Marc, just listed to your Podcast. Thank you. I found it informative. I had completed my survey that was to be submitted Friday, but after this Podcast, I’m wondering if the meeting in the fall should include something about using a 2nd star for the event and how to use the probably sense for it. Just a thought. Thanks.

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