2013 Carson Elevator Pitches

1) Did you ever want to be a part of something significant but weren’t really sure where to start? With the RECON project you have the opportunity to make history, to be involved in cutting edge technology that can further our understanding of the solar system – who knows – you might even get the opportunity to name a celestial object! For further information go to tnorecon.net.

2) RECON is a network of citizen scientists who are gathering data to help professional scientists refine models that simulate the origin of our solar system. In the meantime RECON communities can make equipment available to schools and other groups where the next generation of scientists can do real science.

3) What is it: RECON is a network of communities learning about the formation of the solar system
-class of objects beyond Neptune, unchanged since formation of solar system, that we know so little about
-opportunity to learn more about these with several events a year observing the sky with telescopes
Request: Invite you to learn about our universe and be involved in some real science.

4) We are working in a public network of 13 telescopes from San Luis Obispo to Tulelake to study asteroids as far away as Pluto to understand how our solar system works.

5) “’Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.’ We are seeking the answer to this question through the RECON project. We are researching the original material that made our solar system. Your involvement in this project could   lead   to   further   human   knowledge,   all   with   a   little   tiny   telescope.  Join   us   on   May   4   to   see   what   you’ve   been   missing  all  your  life.”