Occultation Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Create star party list for students
  2. Mallincam instructions are online
  3. Turning DVR upside-down matches slew of telescope
  4. Make transparencies of star-charts, hold up to red light
  5. Set AGC to full
  6. Extra hands are helpful to hold hand paddle and equipment
  7. Use velcro for DVR holder
  8. Set case next to telescope for cable space
  9. Cable management – input AV1 to AV2
  10. Up/down arrow switches AV1 to AV2
  11. Know your hot pixels – mark with dry-erase marker
  12. Video cable from IOTA box to DVR may be too short
  13. Alignment of Telrad is easier during the day
  14. Star chart apps, planetarium apps are available
  15. Cord wrapping – use zip ties
  16. Correct field of view before adjusting alignment
  17. Mallincam camera can change field of view
  18. Screw base down completely
  19. Start CPC-ready
  20. Don’t rely on color coding when using red light