Shopping for cameras

It’s been a busy couple of days researching cameras for our project.  The original project design was based on the use of a Watec 120N+ camera.  This camera has the ability to integrate longer than a normal video camera.  This slows down the actual frame rate of the data but it lets you see fainter stars.  Unfortunately, Watec has announced that they have ceased production of this camera.  It is still possible to get these but under the circumstances it is good to investigation what other cameras might be out there.

Based on the experiences of the IOTA community and specifically from Tom Beard in the Carson City, NV area, there are other cameras worth trying.  The first is a really cheap camera from Super Circuits, called the PC165DNR.  It’s almost too good to be true at this price but I’ll give it a look.  The second is intermediate in price and is the MallinCam JR.  I plan to get my hands on one of each and then test them myself in December.  On paper it seems like the MallinCam would be the optimum choice but the proof will be in the test data.