Telescope Order Placed

Big news!  The order was just submitted for our telescopes to the purchasing department.  There are no shipping estimates yet but the leaders will get that once the information becomes available.  The vendor knows that we need this stuff in hand no later than mid-March but we should expect the equipment to arrive earlier than that.  There will be more instructions regarding the equipment as the delivery dates get closer but rest assured that things are moving right along.  Note that this shipment is coming directly to each team and will include the telescope, a Telrad finder, a dew shield, and an extra eyepiece.  For most of you this has just been an intellectual exercise but it’s going to start to feel real once you have some equipment in hand.

One thought on “Telescope Order Placed

  1. I’m happy to report that a Celestron C-11 arrived at Cal Poly yesterday! This telescope is ultimately bound for Bishop, California, but we will be using it here in San Luis Obispo until our Spring Training Conference to make photo guides for use by project participants. I will be driving the scope to Carson City and handing off to our Bishop team in April.

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