Telescopes have shipped!

The telescopes for our project have just shipped today!  All of the site leads should be on the lookout for a package with the telescope, finder, and extra eyepiece.  I expect this will begin to make the project feel real when you see some of the actual equipment.  Additional logistical details will be sent to the site leaders.

5 thoughts on “Telescopes have shipped!

  1. I received the cpc11 today. It looks like all the parts are there. There is no ac/dc adapter included. I see that Celestron sells one for the CPC for $70. Is there an alternative plan. There is no way I can get a vehicle close enough to my observation site to use the vehicle 12v plug.

    Thanks Warren

    • Good to hear you got the telescope. I’m still working on issues like providing power but I did expect the telescope to come with an A/C adapter. I know my 10-yr old Nexstar 11 had one. We’re going to get a battery pack that you can plug into but that’s still in the works. I’m sure that’s frustrating, though. I expect to get mine tomorrow so I can finally see what’s in the box myself.

      • The in-the-box list does not include the ac/dc adaptor. It is considered an optional accessory.

  2. The SwRI (spare) telescope has arrived. Looking forward to more confirmations from around the network that you’ve got it as well. I also just got the DVRs. Cameras are expected to get to me on Feb. 18.

  3. Mark, the collar on the car battery connector cable will not screw on to the threaded 12 volt input jack on the scope base. So the connection is loose and disconnects frequently. I have to duct tape the cord onto the base to prevent the disconnects. Can we get a cable that will screw in or at least is a tight fit?
    Thanks Warren

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