2017 Team Meeting – Sunriver

We are excited to bring together representatives from our 50+ RECON communities for this 2.5 day team meeting in Sunriver, Oregon. Registration closes on Sept. 15, 2017

Goals for this meeting include:

  • Discussing RECON science results and upcoming events and plans
  • Modeling RECON educational activities for engaging students in the project
  • Sharing strategies for observation campaigns and light curve analyses
  • Strategizing around recruitment of students and other team members
  • Collaborating as a community on what is going well and working other issues

RECON will cover the costs for shared lodging and travel for one representative from each of our RECON communities. Each community may send one additional participant who will be responsible for their own lodging and transportation costs. If you have more than one additional participant who wishes to attend, they will be put on a waiting list and accepted on a space available basis.

We plan to provide travel awards for roughly a dozen students to attend this team meeting. We welcome 1-2 applicants per community. If you would like to nominate a student who has been active in the RECON network to attend the meeting, please have them complete the Student Travel Award Application by Friday, September 1. All conference costs (travel, food, lodging) for these awardees (and their chaperones) will be covered by RECON.

Coming Soon!


Sunriver Resort
17600 Center Dr.
Sunriver, OR 97707

Primary Participants: For participants funded by RECON, two participants will be assigned to each room with two queen beds.

Additional Participants: Participants not funded by RECON have the option to reserve a room at the Sunriver Resort or make other arrangements. Please register first so that we can arrange hotel rooms for you. The cost of the hotel will be due at check-in.

See registration link for more information.

Our NSF grant will cover the following meals for all workshop attendees:

  • Friday – Dinner
  • Saturday – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Sunday – Breakfast

Several restaurants are available at the resort for additional meals.

If you are the primary representative from your community, RECON will cover your transportation costs as follows:

Driving: If you live within 4 hours of Sunriver, Oregon and plan to drive yourself and/or other attendees, RECON will reimburse your mileage or arrange for a rental vehicle and reimburse petrol. We encourage participants to carpool with other community members wherever possible.

Flying: For those flying, please complete the registration form first and do not book your own flight. The information provided in the form will be given to our travel agency, Global Travel, who will contact you to arrange the flight. RECON will pay for your flight and reimburse you after the event for applicable costs such as airport shuttles or parking.

Shuttles: As we get closer to the event and know our travelers’ itineraries, we will be able to coordinate shuttles from the Redmond airport to the Sunriver Resort. Many of you will arrive at similar times and we will attempt to arrange shared transportation among you, if possible. 

If you are not the primary representative, you are welcome to carpool with a primary representative being funded by RECON. Otherwise, you will be responsible for your own transportation costs.

Travel reimbursement instructions for those funded by RECON will be provided at the event.

Driving: Teams that are driving to the team meeting are encouraged to bring their whole RECON setup (telescope, camera, IOTA, laptop, power supply, cables).

Flying: Teams traveling via plane should bring their RECON laptop (and its power supply) as well as any suspect or faulty components as makes sense to bring in carry-on luggage.

All Teams:

  • RECON laptop and power supply
  • Warm clothes (including jacket, hat, gloves, and warm shoes)
  • Flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Your enthusiasm and curiosity

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be provided for a modest course fee.  More information will be posted soon.

For more information on the RECON Training Workshop, contact tnorecon-org@mailman.boulder.swri.edu.