All set for TNO 2007 RG283!

The RECON Project is engaging in its second full network campaign just before midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, October 18, through Monday, October 19. This event involves TNO 2007 RG283, a Centaur with an orbit taking it both out past the orbit of Neptune and interior to the orbit of Uranus. Currently 15.5 AU from Earth, the Centaur is located above the ecliptic (plane of the Solar System) in the northern constellation of Perseus.

Orbit diagram for 2007 RG283

Orbit diagram for 2007 RG283 (credit JPL Solar System Dynamics Small Body Data Browser)

When the RECON network observes this object passing in from on 15.3 magnitude star UC4-692-020389 this weekend, we will be probing both the Centaur as well as the region of space extending over 2000 km around this trans-Neptunian Object.  We would like to thank all of our team members from Oroville Washington to Yuma Arizona for their efforts in observing this event!

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