2015 October 19 UT – 2007 RG283

Event Details

Object: 2007 RG283
Object Type: Centaur
Event Date: 2015 October 19 UT
Geocentric Approach: 06:54:41 UT

Sense-Up: x128
RA: 03:11:37.9 (of date)
DEC: +48:26:42 (of date)
Observing Times: See RECON Event Detail Page for additional information, including a global map showing the predicted centerline, details about the event, a star training set, and observing window for each RECON site.

The event is not currently available on OccultWatcher, so we request representative from each RECON site confirm that the team plans to observe by completing a Pre-Event Confirmation Form as soon as possible.  We will follow up with all teams that have not completed this form by Friday October 9.


This will be our second full campaign event for the RECON Project. The current prediction places the shadow track for this Centaur in the northern part of the RECON network with a 1-sigma uncertainty of 921 km. As with all RECON events, data from all telescope sites is important because this allows us to probe a broad region of space around the object for moons and rings. For this particular event, the network will probe over 2,000 km of space surrounding this TNO.

We encourage team members to make sure your power supplies are charged and to check out the Pre-Event Checklist in our Guides Section.

You should make one continuous recording of the event. You should also make a separate short recording of your position information using the switch on the front of the IOTA-VTI box.  Adjust the switch to POSITION, record the screen showing your latitude/longitude for 3-5 seconds, and then adjust the switch back to TIME. Thank you for keeping track of your observations using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Finder Charts

The following charts were generate using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter:

Star field for 2006 RG283

Star field for 2007 RG283

Images of Star Field

Image of star field in orientation close to event time (provided by John Keller from SLO)

Image of star field in orientation close to event time (provided by John Keller from SLO (using RECON CPC-1100 and standard Mallincam at sense-up X128)

Star Field for 2007 RG283 taken by Jerry Bardecker from Gardnerville

Star Field for 2007 RG283 taken by Jerry Bardecker from Gardnerville with North up (using 12″ telescope on equatorial mount with higher sensitivity Mallincam at sense-up X128)

Additional star field mages are welcome.  Images can be posted to the RECON Blog or emailed to any of the RECON leads (John, Marc, or Jeralyn).

Upload Instructions

We have a new RECON Data Transfer Tool for uploading your files to SwRI in Boulder. Installing this tool on RECON laptops involves installing an executable zip file. Because most email servers do not allow executable files as attachments, we need to coordinate with a contact from each RECON site who can provide a gmail address or google handle so that we can share this file for downloading. Teams can provide this google information by responding to the last two questions of the Post-Event Observation Survey for this event.NOTE: We are only using google for a one time download of the installation file for the download tool, not for actual data transfer.

Post-Event Observation Survey

Thank you for completing a Post-Event Observation Survey following this event.

Post-Event Observation Report

Sites Clouded Out = 30 (55% of all sites)
Sites with Scheduling Conflicts = 4 (7% of all sites)
Remaining Sites = 21 (38% of all sites)

  • Successfully recorded field = 13 (62% of remaining)
  • Successfully recorded a field but need confirmation = 8 (38% of remaining)

Participating K-12 students = 47
Participating community college and college students = 12
Participating non-students (teachers, community members) = 93
Total participants = 152