Three Occultations Targeted for July

Happy Fourth of July!


This month, the RECON network will be observing three different occultation events involving Main Belt Asteroids.  Because we know the orbits of these objects better than TNOs, the predicted uncertainties for the shadow paths are lower.  While all in the network are welcome and encouraged to participate and practice on all three events, we are specifically asking smaller subsets of the network to record data so that we can demonstrate the ability of the RECON to detect three occultation events this month.  Events are summarized below along with links to the information page for each:

2013 July 11, (1910) Mikhailov – CENTRAL region (Burney/Fall River, Susanville, Greenville, Quincy, Portola, Reno, Carson City, and Yerington)

2013 July 16, (25) Phocaea – SOUTHERN region (Reno, Carson City, Yerington, Hawthorne, Tonopah, and Bishop)

2013 July 30, (387) Aquitania – NORTHERN region (Burney/Fall River, Cedarville, Tulelake)

Please don’t hesitate to post questions and thoughts on this blog using the “Leave a reply” link below or by going to the individual event pages linked above!

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