Moon occults Aldebaran just before this week’s event

As RECON teams are setting up for our next campaign event involving Centaur 03WL7 this Tuesday evening, which begins around 7:30PM Pacific (2016 January 20 03:28 UT), they will be treated to an added bonus as the Moon passes in front of the bright red star Aldebaran around 6:20 Pacific (02:20 UT). This will definitely worth checking out if you have clear skies!

For a better look at sky forecasts, check out our Sky Conditions Page. While things look pretty socked in throughout Washington, there is a chance for clearing just in time for the event throughout the remainder of the network!

We recommend all teams print and go through the event page for Centaur 03WL7. Some teams have had difficulty with resetting the Capture Pin as described in Step 4 of the Camera Settings Guide. If you end up with a green screen, you can go back to using default screen size for this event until we’ve had a chance to provide a workaround.

Good luck to all!