2015 June 11 UT – 2001 FE193

Event Details

Object: 2001 FE193
Object Type: Classical KBO
Event Date: 2015 June 11 UT
Geocentric Approach: 06:50:06 UT

Sense-Up: x128
RA: 13:22:55.9 (of date)
DEC: -06:27:34 (of date)

See RECON Event Detail Page for additional information, including a global map showing the predicted centerline, details about the event, a star training set, and observing details for each RECON site. Note that the observing windows for each location have been updated on this Detail Page.

The event is not currently available on OccultWatcher, so we request representative from each RECON site confirm that the team plans to observe by completing a Pre-Event Confirmation Form.


This will be our first full campaign event for the RECON Project. The current prediction places the shadow track for this Classical KBO close to the RECON network, but the 1-sigma cross-track error in the shadow position is high (over 7,500 km), so RECON is still within 1-sigma of the prediction. Data recently collected using the 4-m telescope at Kitt Peak has been used to update this prediction prior to the event. Regardless of the uncertainty, the campaign represents an important, first functional test of the full RECON network and will provide great experience for all 50+ RECON teams and any other observers who join in the campaign.

You should make one continuous recording of the event. We will be providing USB flashdrives for each team to mail this file to Boulder. Either before or after the event, you should also make a short recording of your position information using the switch on the front of the IOTA-VTI box.  Adjust the switch to POSITION, record the screen showing your latitude/longitude for 3-5 seconds, and then adjust the switch back to TIME. Thank you for keeping track of your observations using the RECON Observation Logsheet.

Finder Charts

The following charts were generate using the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter:

Starchart for 01FE193

Images of Star Field

The image below shows the field taken around the event time using a diagonal.  Note that north will be at the bottom of the camera view, so you will have to rotate the star chart above to match what you see on the laptop screen.

Image of star field for 2001 FE193 provided by Cal Poly.

Image of star field for 2001 FE193 provided by Cal Poly (north is down as it will appear when using a diagonal)

The two images below have been rotated so that north is up.

Star field for 2001 EF193 provided by Red Sumner (under poor sky conditions)

Star field for 2001 FE193 provided by Red Sumner (north is up)

Image of 2001 FE193 provided by Bill Gimple

Image of 2001 FE193 provided by Bill Gimple (north is up)



Additional star field images are welcome.  Please send to tnorecon-org@mailman.boulder.swri.edu.

Complete Pre-Event Confirmation Form

Because you will not be able to sign up for this event using OccultWatcher, please have one representative from your observing team complete the following Pre-Event Confirmation Form as soon as possible.  We will follow up with all teams that have not completed this form by Friday, June 5.

Upload Video Files to RECON

Hold off until receiving a flashdrive that we plan to send out to all teams the week of June 15, 2015.

Post-Event Observation Report

Sites Clouded Out = 18 (33% of all sites)
Sites with Scheduling Conflicts = 2 (4% of all sites)
Remaining Sites = 35 (64% of all sites)

  • Successfully recorded field = 25 (71% of remaining)
  • Successfully recorded a field but need confirmation = 3 (9% of remaining)
  • Not able to record field due to technical issues = 7 (20% of remaining)

Participating K-12 students = 111
Participating community college and college students = 16
Participating non-students (teachers, community members) = 138
Total participants = 265