Resetting Occult Watcher’s Configuration

Follow the following steps if you are NOT able to select one of the radio boxes labeled “Create a new user account” and “Use my existing user account” under the Observation Planner tab of the Configuration menu, as described in the previous guide.

First, click the General tab in the Configuration window and select your site location as described in the previous guide. Write down the longitude and latitude that appear in the boxes, as you will need to fill in this information later.

Next, go to the Other options tab, then click the “Advanced” button at the bottom. In the window that appears, go to the “Maintenence” menu on the left, then click the “Reset Configuration” button. A warning will appear; click “Yes”.

Occult Watcher will restart (this may take a few minutes) and prompt you to enter the coordinates for your site. Click the “Sites” box, and select “Edit saved sites”. In the window that appears, press the “Add new” button, then enter your community name and the longitude and latitude you wrote down earlier. Click “Save”, then “Close”.

Next, go to the Event filters tab and make sure the information there matches the following:

Don’t show events for which…

  •  My site is more than 100 miles outside the 1-sigma zone
  • The star is fainter than 16.5 magnitude
  • The star is lower than 10 degrees
  • The asteroid shadow is smaller than 70 km.
  • Make sure “The events that happen in daylight” is checked.

Next, go to the Prediction Feeds tab. Make sure the following are checked:

  •  IOTA Higher Probability Events
  • Planned Observations
  • North America Lower Magnitude Events
  • RIO TNO Events
  • Planet Satellites

Finally, go to the Observation planner tab, and log in or create an account as described in the previous guide.