Details for (268) Adorea

Below are details for an optional RECON Main Belt Asteroid this Thursday evening.  Team members in Parker, Havasu, Mohave Valley, Bullhead/Laughlin, Kingman, and Searchlight are well situated for this event.  Feel free to sign up on OccultWatcher and/or let us know if you plan to observe.  Again, this is an optional event, but great practice and a targeted opportunity for the above teams to get a positive occultation measurement and create object profile!

2016_03_04 268 Adorea

Starcharts and Sense-Up

Date: 2016 March 4 UT
Recording Window: 05:27:00 – 05:28:00 UT
RA: 04:41:43 (of date)
DEC: 20:54:20 (of date)
Sense-Up: x4

Below is a starchart for the event:

Star chart for Adorea

Star chart for Adorea

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