Isolda event update

The Isolda event is tomorrow night for those of you interested.  I note that we’ve got one RECON site signed up for this.  I’m currently in Flagstaff and I will attempt the event as well, weather permitting.  The forecast here is for clearing conditions.  I’m waiting until closer to event time before signing up for a location to see who else will give it a try (IOTA or RECON).  If you do intend to observe this you really need to sign up on OW.  As more show up, the IOTA folks will hopefully treat it more seriously.  I posted a message to the IOTAoccultations group to try and drum up interest.

This event will be very interesting even if we only have a few of us doing it provided we also get some IOTA members to participate.  We will get our first chance to compared timing results from our cameras to the more well-tested systems that IOTA uses.

On the event page I have recommended a senseup setting of x12.  I have not actually used this on the field but instead have estimated the setting from other test data I’ve taken.  If I did this right the star will be there but not terribly bright in the image you’ll see.  If you just can’t see it, go slower to make sure but this is a good starting point.  I would like to ask those of you trying this with larger telescopes (12″ or 14″) to use a slightly faster senseup setting.  On a 12″ x10 would be the same as x12 on an 11″.  I don’t remember if there is an x10 setting or not, though.  If not, use x12.  For a 14″, x8 would be equivalent.  I think that’s a valid setting.  I’m interested in getting chords with different senseup settings to see if there is a change in the timing we extract that depends on the sense up setting.

4 thoughts on “Isolda event update

  1. Marc, thanks for the Isolda specs. I am going to go for it. OW has been frustrating. I have downloaded it 5 times but I can ‘t get it to run. So at this point I can not sign up as an observer. I will continue to work on OW.
    Thanks Warren

    • Also, I thought it was Thursday the 18th at 10:34 pm pacific time (5:34 ut)?

      • 5:41 UT (the time nearest your location) on April 18th is 10:41 pm on the 17th. 5:34 UT is the time the shadow first contacts the Earth, in daylight over Russia.

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